My Friend

Now i want to introduce my friend.

Her name is Audina Rahayu Oktaviani Gunardi. Usually her friend call her Andin. she is older than me. She is 17 years old. She was born in Sumedang, October 25th 1998. She live in jl. Kebon Sirih Dalam no.57. Now she is study in SMAN 1 Bandung. Her favorite color is white because she thinks white is a peace color. Her favorite food is timbel because she loves indonesian food. Her favorite drink are strawberry smoothies, lemon tea,soda, etc.

I meet her when i 3 years old, because our parents are bestfriend too. So we  spend a lot of time together. On the weekend, we usually go hang out to many place. We always play together, eat together, etc.

When i have problems, like my school life or something, i always tell her about my problems and she always listening to my story. She will be happy when i’m happy but when i have problem that make me cry, she will sad too but she always calm me down and give some advice then make me happy again. Because she knows me so well. She never bored about my story but i know inside her heart she is bored :). Therefore she knows all of my story. Anyway she always there for me and i’m very happy to have bestfriend like her:)

I’m sorry not introduce my friend at school:( because they have finished this homework earlier:( so i remember my bestfriend and i write this:)

This is what we do when we bored 🙂


That’s all thank you..


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