My Place

Hello ! now i want to tell you about my house

Guest Room


This is my guest room in my house. The reason why i like this room is because the room is beautifully decorated. But at night the room is kinda spooky because it’s quite dark.


This is mushola. Mushola is the place for my family to pray. It is a quite big room, so my family can fit in and pray together.


This is the place where i play piano. Sometimes my friends come to my house and practice for the choir.

Dinning RoomIMG_1361

The next room is dinning room. Dinning room is usually a place where a family gather and eat together and have a great quality time. But we don’t always eat in the dinning room.

Family Room


The last one is family room. It has plenty space for me to rest with my family. There is also a television, so we usually spend our time watching tv together. We usually talk to each other about our problems and solve it together here. We really enjoyed every single quality time we had.



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