Hello! Now i want to retell my stroy about CAMPRT!

CAMPRT stands for Camping Pramuka Tiga. CAMPRT held on Tuesday to Wednesday. We went to Kiara Payung, Jatinangor. The place is so cold compared with my house.

Kiara Payung is so far away from my house. We go there by truck (maybe) because i don’t know what it called, but i think it was like truck for army. We go there at 7am and arrived at 9am, about 2 hours.

When we arrived, we devided group. And i’m happy with my group. Because my group is fun. And i was lucky to be a member in this group. Because at the first time, me and my other member in the tent, i feel comfortable with them, and we doesn’t feel awkward, that’s why i’m so very happy to be a member in this group.

After we have each group, we had to make our tent. This is very difficult thing for me, because i never do that before. But because of our hardwork, we  can make our comfortable tent:)

After that, we ask to ISOMA (Istirahat Sholat Makan). after we pray, we ate our food together. Then, the rain down to our tent, of cours another tent too. So we should stay in our tent until the rain was stopped. After that we learn about P3K, Navigation, and many things that we should know about PRAMUKA. And it was so fun!!

In the evening, when 6pm, after we pray we cooked because we were starving:( At first was very hard to cook without my mom:( because at home my mom who usually cook:)

At night, each class must perform when the bonfire event. My class were singing a sad song:(. but we have a great time!

The next day, we play wide games. I thought it was just a game that usually i played in school or home. But it’s totally different! it’s like we hiking and we went to the forest and must do the mission in there! At first i am so scared the forest is kinda spooky and creepy and the land is slippery:( But because of my spirit, i can do all the mission:) wkwk.

After that, we must go home:( Indeed i feel tired, but i have a very grat time!!!

That’s all thank you:)

This is my picture with my friends..




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