My Holiday

On December 24th 2015, my holiday began. But i’m so sad because i didn’t do anything interesting like my friends do. They went to some place with their family and spent their night together, and they look very happy. But i’m not like them. I just stayed at home when people having fun because my parents are busy. At home, i didn’t do many things. in the morning, i woke up and went to downstairs to have breakfast and when it finished, i went back to my bedroom. And then i was watching tv or watch movie. Then i took a bath, it’s on 12 o’clock. After that, i went to downstairs again to have lunch with my family. If there’s nothing important, i went back to my room and took a nap. Sometimes, i ask my parents to have a dinner outside our home because i was very bored at home.

But on Monday, I must go to school to completed my score or it’s called “SP” or it’s called “Semester Pendek”. I went to school at half past six in the morning. Usually, I woke up at at five o’clock and took a bath. It’s very cold. When i’m arrived, i studied math and physic. That was made my head ache. Fortunately i finished it on Wednesday.

On December 30th 2015, my mom and I went to the supermarket and we bought many ingredients for BBQ. On the next day, we prepared the food. While we waiting for new year, we prayed together with my big family. After that, we celebrating for new year!And we have a dinner together.

On the next day, sometimes my family and I went to the mall or restaurant. Sometimes i went with my friends. At first, i was very sad because i didn’t go anywhere. Suddenly i was very happy because i can spend my holiday with my family and my friends!!

That’s all from me. I’m sorry if there are many mistakes. I hope you guys like it!



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