Education to Build a Better Future for All


Education is important for everyone. If education doesn’t exist, people wouldn’t have any character in their life. I think an ideal education can change the bad habits of someone to good habits. Besides that, from education we will get a lot of knowledge. Knowledge of technology, science, math, and many subjects that we learn. We must get some education since we were child.

Education commonly is devided formally into such stages as prescool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then college, university.

Education is process of learning. Education has many methods, like storytelling, discussion. Education takes a place of educator or teacher, but learners may also educate themselves. Educators aren’t always a teacher, but it can be a parents or some people who have more experience than us.

Education in every country is different. For example in Indonesia, every school in Indonesia has many subjects that are difficult for the students. I think if we want to have an ideal education, we must balance our time for study, play, pray to God. Because, if we cannot  manage our time, we certainly will not reach our ideal Education.We will feel tired of study, and we will get stressed, and that’s not good. Do not force yourself too hard.

If we want to be succesful person, we must have a better education. From Education, i believe we can be whatever we want to be. For examples, doctor, bussines man, fireman, police. They had Education before they become the most influential person. If we bored of writing, or reading at school, we can learn via internet too!

So don’t give up if our score in education is bad and we fail. We have to hard work in order to achieve our future goal. So don’t waste your time! 🙂

That’s all from me. I hope this is helful. Bye!!


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